Journey to Joy

Learn to Live a Life Your Love! | taught by Andrea Kelly

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Stop putting your happiness and joy on the back burner.

Do you feel like you lack joy, freedom, and happiness from your life?

Do you want to start feeling confident in who you are and be able to create a life you love?

Are you feeling out of alignment with your purpose and passion and wanting to discover the greater reason for why you are here?

Are you feeling unmotivated, uninspired with things- perhaps even feeling “stuck” and not sure of your next move even though you know that things need to change?

Do you want to be able to tap into and express yourself authentically and to your fullest potential?

Do you want to have easy and effective tools that will give you further insight and further connection with yourself and the universe?

If this sounds like you, then you were meant to find this page- you are right where you should be... AND

As a Certified Coach and Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist,  I help people transform their lives, tap into their unlimited potential and step into their power of authenticity.

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Andrea Kelly
Andrea Kelly

Hi! I'm Andrea. 

Welcome to Journey to Joy! 

I am a quirky-artsy coach that is on a mission to help other sould consious beings understand how to step into their unlimited potential and change the world.  

I have spent over 15 years traveling the path of my own personal journey and have spent thousands of dollars and hours working with coaches and teachers to understand the most powerful and transformational ways to change my life and YOURS.

My own challenges have propelled me to further explore my passion for personal growth and self-development, which helps YOU because I can show you the road I have traveled before.

If you are not feeling in alignment and you want to do something about it, contact me below. 

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